Macadam piano

" Macadam piano, it’s first of all an emotion "
" a big smile for the heart, what an uplifting feeling"
" Macadam piano, just like the name indicates"
"A pianist in a grand outfit and his grand rolling piano"
" a genius invention! "

Macadam Piano is, above all, poetry. Poetry on wheels. It is a visual and musical performance, moving from streets to market squares, alleyways, parks, cities, villages, festivals, riversides and fields...

Macadam Piano is a real pianist on wheels, light, flexible, and magical.

What is it?
At last, the grand piano can wander the streets. The motorised* pianist plays, glides, waltzes and turns, finding its way past smiles and encounters, for the delight of children and grown ups. In his fingers are Mozart, Django, Trénet, Schubert, Kurt Weil…
Macadam Piano was born around 1900, in an unknown corner of a Magritte painting, and life was breathed into it by Alessandro Baricco and his monologue ‘Novecento, pianiste’, by the artist Michel Pastore in his Egyptien oasis, by Giuseppe Tornatore and his film ‘the pianist on the ocean ‘. The result is an instrument which isn’t fixed to the floor anymore, which can glide and drift: autonomous, fluid, open, space, movement, freedom … like a Magritte painting…

* The motor is environmentally friendly and silent

Who is it?
The Macadam Pianist is Jean-Louis Cortès, musician on the stage and in the studio, composer for the theatre and actor on the sideline, trained by the Conservatoires of Mulhouse and Angers, France. He has been composing music for prestigious theatres and directors for the last 20 years, including La Comédie Française in Paris.
Jean-Louis Cortès is also and above all a musician, performing on tours in France, Europe and worldwide with internationally acclaimed performers. He has also worked as a composer, arranger and producer on a wide and varied discography. For details in French, click here.

The Macadam violinist is Jeanne Cortes. A stage performer, musician and clown. She has been working with Macadam since 2005 and has since then spent 2 years performing with the théâtre du Samovar and is currently also engage to write an perform a piece “the little violin” with Jean-Claude Grumberg in the Tête d’Atmosphère Company. For more details of her CV in French, click here.

Macadam Piano is offered in Three different formats:


Macadam piano solo

Macadam Piano solo  :

3x 30 mins apperances of the piano playing music from a vairety of styles and influences dependant on the occassion. (Roaming freely or in a specific venue)


Macadam Piano et Miss Macadame

The Ecounters: Mr Macadam roams with his piano and Miss Macadame with her violin. The two meet and perform an impromtu duo. There are two options of encounters.

(alternating, roaming and with performances in fixed areas)

-Macadam Piano and his butterfly  :

3x 40 mins – an electrifying encounter of music with roots varying from Celtic to Klesmerr



-Macadam Piano et Miss 1925 :

3x 40 mins – A charming encounter, celebrating the origins of jazz and melodies of the 1920s.


The duos : for mobile piano and dancing violin

-Beethoven Sweet:

1 x 60 mins- A tour of fantasy based on the music of Beethoven made sweeter by mobile muscial creativity.



Words from audiences:

" it’s Charlie Poppins! "
“entirely magical"
" like wandering poetry "

“if you follow this piano around for a while, you’ll never see this town in the same way”
“I want one”
“You got to hear this, there is piano passing in front of me” (audience members on their mobile phones)

Click here to read more audience feedback and press cuttings in French

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Beethoven Sweet



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