Requirements Macadam Piano

Audience: All ages
Set up time: 40 minutes
Packing up time: 30 minutes

Macadam Piano is technically autonomous and can operate on most terrain except very soft grounds, like a beach of dry sand. If the ground is rough, like a cobbled area for example, the pianist will adapt his playing style to suit the rhythm and vibrations. Macadam Piano can also operate at night and in the rain if it is soft enough for the audience!

Transport of the Piano
The piano is transported in a Volkswagen T5, registered 5193ZL49 and parking is required for the vehicle on site with a clear space of 4m behind and 2 meters to the side. In the case of udnerground or covered parking a minimum height of 2 meters is required.

Manoeuvrability Minimum width: 1.5m. Maximum slope is 15%. Please provide a map of the the route to be taken prior to the show date.

Between sets the machine needs a sheltered place to be stored

In the case of numerous consecutive days, please make a closed space avaiable with main electricity to charge the batteries.

The space required to store the piano  : Height :1,20m, Length  :2,20m, Width : 1,30m

Performance durations

Piano solo : 3 x 30 mins

The meeting « Macadam Piano et Melle Macadame »: 3 x 40 mins